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Paramount Digital

Honest, Accountable, Results Driven Marketing

As an agency we like to think we’re a little disruptive and revolutionary in what is an oversaturated digital marketing landscape.

Our ethos is honest, accountable, results driven marketing underpinned by the commercial understanding you’d expect from an in-house team. Which together ensures we can help you conquer your business goals!

About Paramount Digital

Founded by David Hunter and located in the picturesque village of Rainford, Paramount Digital strive to meet the definition of the word Paramount, believing not only that digital is the most important marketing strategy, but that by working alongside us we’ll ensure you climb to the very top of your industry. Here at Paramount Digital, we offer the support and knowledge you deserve from a full-service creative marketing agency built on the principles of honesty, accountability, and results driven marketing. The bottom line is we want you to succeed and we want to be a part of that!

Consistently getting you the results you deserve

The Paramount Digital team believe that digital marketing should be clean and transparent and that we should be kept in check by you, our clients. That’s why unlike most digital marketing agencies we won’t ever tie you into a contract. Ensuring that every month we get your business the results it deserves. If we don’t then you can kick us into touch!


Here at Paramount Digital, we like to be a disruptive force in our industry, so as well as our no-contract policy, we have our unique InHouse/OutHouse service. Is your business struggling with its digital marketing efforts? Failing to show board members and directors a true return on investment? And are seeking the skills and experience that would typically only be gained by using an ‘out of house’ creative agency?

Then the Paramount Team are ready and waiting to help, but you only get to be at the top of the mountain by thinking outside the box and doing things a little differently. So whilst using our ‘out of house’ agency team, the service we’ll deliver will be with the ease of workflow more often associated with using an ‘inhouse’ team. We simply act as an extension of your marketing team, to ensure your business continues to grow and succeed.

An Open Garden Approach

In the Digital Marketing Agency world it’s common to have individual skilled members work on different aspect of a client’s strategy, but this can often mean, that a business can have upwards of 5 different digital marketers working on their campaigns, increasing the risks of communication breakdown, and marketing mishaps. But here at Paramount Digital, our team have expert knowledge of our five core digital marketing services. This means that for your campaigns you’ll have one point of contact and one dedicated digital marketer, who will work as an extension of your team to ensure your business reaches its goals to conquer your industry.

 Social Media

 Content Marketing

 Paid Search